Terms & Conditions

North Wales Islamic School

Parent/Guardian Consent and Terms and Conditions of Registration


As the legal guardian of                                                         , (“Minor”), for and in consideration of permitting Minor to engage in and/or receive instruction during class, observe, use any facility or equipment of the North Wales Islamic School of Bangor, Gwynedd, North Wales (UK) (“NWIS”) Weekend Islamic School Program, or engage in and/or receive instruction during break time, or in any activity incidental thereto, do hereby consent and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I.                 Registration and Textbook Fees:

I am required to pay the appropriate fees at registration or obtain a fee waiver in order to enrol my child in the North Wales Islamic School. 

II.               Refund Policy:

All numbers are based on the Termly Tuition Fees.

  • 1.      If Parent withdraws before start of term, NWIS will be entitled to 15% of tuition fees
  • 2.      If a parent withdraws within 4 weeks of start of term, NWIS will be entitled to 40% of tuition fees
  • 3.      If parent withdraws after 4 weeks of start of term, NWIS parents will be liable for all term fees.
  • 4.      Families that do not attend school for the first four weeks will automatically be dropped with no refund
  • 5.      Any child absent for 4 consecutive weeks without excuse will be dropped immediately with no refund.

Parent Participation:

I will check my child’s backpack/binder and my email every week for homework assignments, handouts, announcements, etc. I will ensure that my child brings all necessary supplies to each class, such as a pencil, notebook, binder/backpack, bottle of water, food and textbooks. I grant permission to NWIS to release my contact information to my child’s teacher, a selected number of parents for any and all other school-related purposes. I will update NWIS when a change in address or other contact information occurs.

Accidents Coverage:

NWIS do not provide insurance coverage for students, and refuse all liability for any accident that may occur under its supervision during school hours. I grant permission to NWIS to call 999 first in case of emergency.


I understand that after 3 absences without prior notification, the student is dropped automatically. With prior notification and proper justification, a student may be allowed up to 5 absences per term.

Disciplinary Action:

I agree to the following course of disciplinary action, which may be taken against a student who fails to comply with the school policies or engages in disruptive behavior at school premises. I also acknowledge that the teachers and administrators are given discretion in determining appropriate disciplinary action on a case-by-case basis.

-  First incident of misconduct: Student is sent to the office by the teacher to receive a warning and parents are notified.
-  Second incident: The principal calls the parents and the student is sent home.
-  Third incident: The student may be dropped. In some cases, NWIS reserves the right to expel the student even on the first incident.

Dress Code:

Clothes for both boys and girls must be loose and not be see-through. Boys can wear short sleeves, but must wear long pants. Girls must wear clothes with long sleeves and that cover to the ankles. They must cover their hair. Parents are expected to abide by the same dress code at school premises.

Pick Up/Drop Off:

I acknowledge that NWIS will not supervise any children beyond the specified school hours, and that it is my responsibility to pick up and drop off my child at the times and locations designated by the school.

Liability of Parents:

I, as the parent/guardian of a child who causes damage to any NWIS property or rented property or causes injury to another person on the school premises, will be held solely responsible for liability purposes.

Liability of School:

I, and on behalf of the Minor, hereby voluntarily and absolutely release, acquit, forever discharge, waive, and relinquish any and all loss or damages or actions or causes of action for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death occurring to Minor as a result of Minor’s participation in NWIS, whether on school premises or elsewhere, for whatever period said activities may continue, against NWIS, its officers, directors, volunteers, administrators, and teachers.